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Sublimation Color Changing LED Alarm Clock

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Sublimation Color Changing LED Alarm Clock
Sublimation Color Changing LED Alarm Clock

Put some color in your life with this LED alarm clock!

Main characteristics
• Clock, date (day, month), temperature and alarm functions.
• 12 or 24 hours format
• Large 3" screen and characters
• Backlight LED activated by pressuring the alarm clock
• 7 bright colors scrolling alternately for 1 minute
• 8 programmable rings for the alarm function
• One-minute bell at the desired time
• "Snooze" function to repeat the alarm 1 to 60 minutes later
• 3xAAA battery (batteries not included)
• 3 customizable sublimation plates (on each side and one on the top of the alarm)

• Dimensions of the alarm clock: 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 cm
• Dimensions of sublimable plates: 6.7 x 6.7 cm

This sublimation  and color changing alarm clock is an excellent personalized product
on which it is possible to put family pictures, humorous message ... everything is possible!
Its compact size and its large screen are perfect for adults but also for younger people.

Think of it as an advertising gift, sublimated with the logo of your company,
or as a souvenir gift for holidays!


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