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Sublimation 9 Panel Floor Mat

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Sublimation 9 Panel Floor Mat
Sublimation 9 Panel Floor Mat
Sublimation 9 Panel Floor Mat


Approx. 22x15 Sublimation Door Mat

100% Polyester
▶Front: The main component of the carpet fabric is 100% polyester. The surface of the carpet is flannel, a soft suede fabric that fits perfectly to the contours of the foot and feels soft and comfortable.
▶Middle layer: 12mm sponge sandwich, the carpet is softer, more absorbent, easy to dry after washing.
▶Bottom: The bottom of the carpet is made of non-slip non-slip particles, and the anti-slip effect is better. The carpet has good air permeability and is not moldy. Whether it's wooden or tiled floors, the anti-slip effect is equally good and does not hurt the floor.
▶Care: Can be easily cleaned by shaking, cleaning or rinsing.Do not use a hard brush. It dries quickly in the air, avoiding the sun shining on the bottom of the carpet and extending its life.



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